Sky Horizon QMS Latest Updates and Highlights

Work Requests Load balancing

The new Horizon QMS load balancing feature provides the ability of performing automatic technician assignment for work orders based on a detailed and predefined set of load-balancing rules that take into consideration the amount of work requests currently being handled by the same technician, location and specialty. This has changed the role of the order taker from handling and delegating work requests to monitoring and supervising the work request workflow.

Lost & Found *

The addition of the Lost & Found module allows Horizon QMS users to monitor guest items found at the hotel, users are now able to add a new entries for each and every item with full details including the guest name with his check-in/check-out dates for the items founded directly after the guests leave their rooms, the name of the person who reported the item, the location where the item was found, and where it is currently being kept, with the ability to highlight valuable items, and finally print all of the information above in a detailed report.


The LogBook is the latest addition to the list of the Horizon QMS modules, it comes with a rich set of features to help the management staff maintain daily and weekly inspections like duty managers log reports with no limitations on the number of log records for the same day.

LogBook allows Horizon QMS users to prepare an entry by connecting it to existing glitch records and/or manually write down comments that can be grouped by departments or locations.

Agents availability

One of the major concerns for Horizon QMS users, and especially order takers, is the process of assigning only the available agents to work orders based on their working shifts and duty hours.

The latest Horizon QMS update introduces a new feature to reduce the complexity and improve the efficiency of the agent assignment process, where the agent himself can clarify his current status (Available/unavailable) either from the system directly or via Horizon QMS mobile application. Based on the agent status, the order taker is then allowed to assign work orders to available agents only.

New notification levels

Sky Software is aware of the amount of attention our customers give to the automatic notifications feature whether it is being handled via SMS, emails or pagers. So, we have recently put a lot of effort into enhancing this feature.

In the latest Horizon QMS update, we have provided the users with more options to customize the automatic notification rules based on new events, such as: Finishing work orders, Postponing work orders, New glitch action and New glitch comments.

Horizon QMS Glitch Management *

Thanks to the valuable feedback we are getting from our customers, Horizon QMS Glitch Management is rapidly growing. Accordingly, we have recently added two new features allowing users to add an attachment to the glitch record and also enhanced the way the users can add/read user comments.

Horizon QMS Mobile application *

The QMS Mobile application has its share of enhancements based on the modifications above, and several improvements were applied to the application allowing the users to get more control and view more information related to the work orders and glitches.

The Lost & Found details were also added to the mobile app, in addition to the ability of registering and deregistering mobile devices.

Horizon QMS G-Link *

Horizon QMS G-Link is now officially capable of supporting multiple languages, including the far-eastern languages.

New customizations were applied based on our customers feedback including multiple rating modes (five- or ten-star rating), and a customized HTML footer where the hotel can redirect the guest to an external URL, if needed.

Horizon QMS Dashboard *

Horizon QMS Dashboard now fully supports multi-property and allows users to browse the statistics based on their assigned permissions.

We have also added the ability to modify the list of departments in the dashboard, allowing system admins to add/remove departments from the list. Additionally, multiple graphs were modified to show more information with higher accuracy.

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