Stay Safe with Horizon QMS Inspections Module

Following the urgent need nowadays in the hospitality sector for a systematic, accurate and instant hygiene procedures to apply all the required COVID19 protection protocols, Sky Software is glad to introduce its new Horizon QMS Inspections module, providing the hotels with an optimal tool to perform and manage on demand and planned hygiene inspections and other important procedures to keep both; staff, and guests safe, secure and healthy.

The module includes multiple Inspections such as duty managers and hygiene inspections which can be designed with different checklists. For example, one checklist can be designed specifically for guest restaurants and outlets, whereas another checklist for staff cafeteria, and a third one for guest rooms inspections.

Hotel Management on the other hand can schedule recurring hygiene inspections in advance or leave it for the inspector to decide when and what to inspect.

The module will run on Android and IOS smart phone applications to help the inspector start and finish the inspection, along with following up the checklist to provide a professional feedback and add photos of critical breaches in a paper less mode to prevent any possible contamination.

This modules is integrated with Horizon QMS requests and glitch management module, to help the management follow-up on reported incidents that can be added either manually or triggered automatically based on the inspector feedback.

The Inspections modules is also featured with instant emails, SMS, and native app notifications, which will allow inspectors and managers to stay connected and up to date with any new inspection assignments, feedback, and follow-ups.

In specific, the management can highly benefited from the module’s advanced portal dashboard, which provides an overview of the latest inspections and highlights the pending follow-ups with drill down options to print detailed reports directly from the dashboard.

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