Sky Software launches Bayan Recruitment Management System

Sky Software is pleased to announce the launch of Bayan Recruitment Management system (Bayan Recruit); a web-based cost-effective solution that automates the organization’s recruitment process.

With Bayan Recruit, one can view and manage his online job postings in real-time, define customized candidate search criteria, perform recruitment management tasks easily and configure desired alerts and notifications, powered by an interactive dashboard with insightful data analytics.

Bayan Recruit has the following major features:

  • Multiple job postings with start and end date.
  • Applicant registration and login portal that can be injected into the customer web site.
  • Comprehensive user-defined application form that can be posted to the HR system after hiring.
  • Multiple phase workflow that includes candidates selection, interviewing, offering and hiring.
  • Comprehensive application pipeline that facilitates tracking applications.
  • Multiple interview types.
  • User-defined offering letters.
  • User-defined notifications for applicants and interviewers.

Bayan Recruit is the next generation recruitment solution from Sky Software, working on a fully branding integration, well designed candidate portal registration form; that enables the applicant to login or register new account in order to search for jobs, apply for a job and track the application.

Bayan Recruit is integrated with Sky Bayan Human Resources Management System (Bayan HRMS) and ready to be interfaced with any human resources management system.

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