Sky Software Launches QMS Guest Services Dashboard

Sky Software has recently launched its QMS Guest Services Dashboard. It was developed with the objective of providing hotel management with instant, real-time and quick identification of essential KPIs to reflect the quality and efficiency of the hotel and its departments guest services.

QMS Dashboard first pilot project was at Jeddah Intercontinental hotel. They have benefited from its paperless environment, instant efficiency, real-time tracking, quick identification, and correct negative trends. In addition the system provided the ability to improve heartbeat score, gain total instant visibility of QMS, save time and measure efficiency in real-time. This allows the hotel management to make more informed decisions based on collected business intelligence.

Installing the newly-developed QMS Guest Services Dashboard at InterContinental Jeddah has powered the upper management at the hotel with an effective tool to monitor the overall performance of all the departments. Now, our GM is monitoring the dashboard on daily basis and frequently sending the live performance screenshots by email to the concerned department head.

—Muhammad Hafeez Iqbal,
Director of IT InterContinental Jeddah Hotel

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