Sky Software launches new generation of Horizon Quality &Guest Service Management

Sky Software is pleased to announce the launch of Horizon Quality & Guest Service Management web-based multi property platform ready for both; On premise and SaaS (Software as a Service hosted at Sky Servers) installations. Our SaaS offering provides a secure and reliable infrastructure that offloads the IT and systems administration teams at the hotel from managing the application and database servers, backups, firewalls and SSL certificates while saving on hardware and licensing fees. The SaaS offering maintains high availability solutions, streamlined updates and automated backups with secure application access over HTTPS and access control with fine-grained firewall rules.

From the operational side, the new release will include and extend all the current rich features of Horizon QMS desktop edition in addition to a dynamic structure of administrative units, centralized multi-property management, advanced user roles and escalation management and enhanced report writer capabilities with MySQL Database support (in addition to the current Microsoft SQL Server). The new release focuses more on the guest engagement and feedback management while allowing the management and decision makers of taking the proper and instant action through highlighting critical hotel performance indicators.

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