Sky Software launches Jana Inventory Mobile Application

Sky Software is pleased to announce the launch of Sky Jana Inventory Mobile Application, which is designed to allow conducting the inventory of stock items using mobile devices equipped with bar-code reader. The process starts by downloading all assigned inventory sheets or spot-check sheets assigned to the user logged in to the device. Once the inventory sheets are downloaded the user can conduct the inventory either online or offline which means that WiFi connection is not mandatory while conducting the inventory.

The inventory process is basically based on reading the bar-code of a specific stock items and then entering the actual quantity in store. In the case the stock item did not have a bar-code the user can select the item by name and enter the actual quantity in store.

The application allows capturing the bar-codes of stock items that do not have their bar-codes stored in their profiles. It also allows capturing stock item pictures. After completing the stock count, the user can upload and sign the inventory sheet or spot-check sheet to Jana system in which case the mobile device has to be in online mode.

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