Listening to your guests opinions while in-house is now much easier with Sky Horizon® G-Link

It is always better to know your guests satisfaction feedback while they are still in hotel than after their check-out. In the latter case, it will be rather late to compensate and retain unsatisfied guests. It is from this idea that Sky Software has developed and introduced its Horizon® G-Link, which is an innovative online portal especially designed to provide a flexible and advanced tool to connect the guests directly with the hotel management.

G-Link gives hotel guests the option of evaluating their hotel stay or restaurant experience via a set of short questions appearing on tablet devices while the guest is in the hotel. As dissatisfied guest scores will be sent directly through SMS or mobile notification system to hotel managers, this gives the management the opportunity to proactively respond to guest needs and compensate and retain their guests, thus ensuring maximum satisfaction of guests and hence elevate hotel satisfaction score in social media.

G-Link runs on tablets on front desk, outlets, and public areas to collect guest feedback about related services or processes.

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