Fast and secure check in process with Sky Software PMS card readers

Nowadays, guest experience plays a vital role in hospitality sector and hotels are competing to guarantee their guest a memorable experience starting from a smooth and quick check-in process. Accordingly, Sky Horizon PMS Card Reader was developed as a PCI-compliant solution to speed up guest check-in. PMS card reader facilitates the registering of guest magnetic card information for hotel users such as front desk, reservations and cashiers, in which speed and accuracy of entry are vital. Now, there is no need for manually entering the card number and expiry date on the computer screen for guest credit card, frequent flyer cards and other similar cards. The user will only swipe the card and the system will automatically read the information and insert the related fields in their place in a fast, accurate and secure manner.

Supported by MagTek HID Swipe Reader, the leading manufacturer of electronic systems for the reliable issuance, reading, transmission and security of cards, Sky Software has launched its secure card reader solution and implemented it at Rotana hotels in the region as a PCI-compliant solution that provides fast, accurate, reliable and convenient swipe path with complete security, especially designed to offer an automatic method to securely read electronic data from credit cards and frequent flyer cards, pass it to PMS active screen according to PCI-DSS requirements to secure card data and fill it in specific fields.

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